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Loyalty Program Portal Like Your Own Loyalty App

We are offering Loyalty Program to All SMEs that keen to provide better services for their customers. To empower all SME in Malaysia have the best ever customer engagement system even without spending money on expensive software.

Good thing is this is not an app, no download needed

Get More Customer Retention With Customer Portal

Personalized Loyalty Program For Your Brand in Malaysia

All you need is to get your

Customer's Phone Number

We will handle the rest automatically

Your Customer Journey

We will handle the rest automatically


Cashier At Counter


Welcome Messages


Customer Portal


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Our Client's Results

The results after using Pixalink Loyalty Program Software

Record Customers Data

Choose our loyalty program software for an unparalleled 360° view of your customers’ behavior, in-depth spending and frequency analysis, and the assurance of complete data ownership. Elevate your customer engagement while ensuring utmost data privacy.

Ever feel like you're not utilizing your customers' contact information enough?

Here's our solution for you, we automate all your process

1. Collect Customer's Information

2. Give the Customer Some Points

3. Send your New Customer a message

4. Re-Engage with Customers

Your customers love you. Discover how to serve them better.

Successful Retails have discovered how to get their customers to keep coming back. We empower you with the secret ingredient – understanding your customer data.

Your Customer Relationships, your data

Unlike other platforms, you have full authority over your client information. Enhance your connections and expand your database.

Turn transactions into real connections

Anticipate your customers’ needs by having a comprehensive view of their purchase history, previous visits, credit recordings, and interactions.

Unleash sales and connect with your top-tier customers.

Enhance the consistency of your sales by recognizing and interacting with your prime customer groups.

Set up your marketing on autopilot and leave it to run.

Boost your earnings and ensure customer return using automated marketing tools