WhatsApp Automation

Use WhatsApp to Get More Customers

Send More Than 5,000 Promotional WhatsApp Messages A Day

Cloud-based WhatsApp Blasting Software

(Directly use it on your browser online, not need to install anything)

Blast your Whatsapp messages to your customers with just a few clicks! Our cloud based whatsapp automation offers scheduling feature, campaign report and 100% delivery rate with your own phone number

Connecting with Your Business Operation

Seamless integration with Reservation System, CRM, Loyalty Program, and Rewards. Launch your marketing with ease.

WhatsApp Automation Features

Show customers you know them. Group your customers with different tagging and import all customer contacts from your phone.

WhatsApp Blasting & Broadcasting

Templated Campaign & Workflow

Send Reminders/Promotions

Personalized Messages & Tags

One-Click Import All Contacts

How WhatsApp Automation Helps

Unlocking Efficiency and Productivity by Streamlining Communication and Boost Business Success with WhatsApp Automation

Elevate Customer Engagement

Cultivate lasting customer satisfaction through swift and streamlined service delivery

Scheduled Campaign

the power to plan and schedule your WhatsApp campaigns, ensuring your messages are delivered precisely when they’ll have the most impact

More Clicks & Leads

 to supercharge your marketing efforts, driving more leads and clicks to your business

Effortless Messaging

No more sending messages one by one. Our automated WhatsApp blasting feature lets you reach your entire contact list with just a few clicks. Your promotions will never go unnoticed again.

Analytics Insights

Gain valuable insights into your campaign performance. Understand what works and what doesn’t, so you can refine your strategies and achieve even better results.

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