3D Content is 3x More
Engaging Than 2D Content.

Share your environment in 3D to leave a lasting impression.

If You Could Do One Thing To Stand Out
From Your Competitors, What Would It Be?

Let your customers view your environment themselves while helping them to build trust and confidence in your brand.

Imagine you are using a Virtual Tour

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Competitors using old content

Pixalink provides virtual tour that help business convert sales and increase engagement in social media and website.
Virtual Tour in Malaysia is one of the top marketing tools to go for if you have nice environment to sell.

Select Your Industry & Get Virtual Tour

Confinement Centre

Showcase your environment and attract new customers to get the packages

Property, Hotel & Resort

Most essential tools to get 3x sales and booking for displaying rooms in 3D or in virtual tour

Food & Beverage

Get more corporate booking for your private room and reservation for table

Sport & Entertainment

Get more people to book their seats and let people know exactly where they are booking

Healthcare Centre

Display your healthcare environment to attract more medical tourists to visit

Retail Showrooms

Bring your showroom anywhere around to showcase what you have to offer

Virtual Tour Malaysia

How Malaysia Virtual Tour Helps In Your Business?

When it comes to strengthening brand image and increasing sales, 360° Virtual Tours is the top option for Property Developers, Real Estate Agents, Hotel Owners, Event Venue Owners, and more. Instead of relying solely on the crucial 2D Photographs, it enables you to provide prospective customers and guests with an immersive and realistic experience.

Virtual Tours also enable you and your customers to save time and money. Additionally, 360 Virtual Tours will reduce the amount of time needed to make decisions, increase the quality of onsite visitors and potential clients, and they are eco-friendly, protecting the environment.

We understand the financial squeeze, and we can assist you with it. At a fraction of the cost, we can produce high-quality immersive & interactive virtual tours that convert online visitors into qualified leads.