APU CLCS 2022 “If…” Gold Sponsorship


We are thrilled to announce that Pixalink Sdn Bhd proudly stands as the gold sponsor for the esteemed APU CLCS 2022 “If…” 4th Chinese Orchestra Music Concert! This sponsorship reflects our unwavering commitment to supporting cultural enrichment and artistic endeavors within our community.

At Pixalink Sdn Bhd, we recognize the immense value of initiatives like the APU CLCS “If…” 4th Chinese Orchestra Music Concert in celebrating diversity, fostering creativity, and preserving heritage. As the gold sponsor, we are honored to play a pivotal role in bringing this exceptional cultural event to life, enriching the lives of audiences and participants alike.

Our sponsorship signifies more than just financial support; it’s a testament to our belief in the power of music and the arts to unite people and inspire positive change. Through our partnership with the APU CLCS “If…” 4th Chinese Orchestra Music Concert, we aim to promote cultural appreciation, nurture talent, and create memorable experiences for all who attend.

Pixalink Sdn Bhd’s involvement in this concert underscores our dedication to corporate social responsibility and our commitment to giving back to the community. We are proud to support initiatives that promote inclusivity, diversity, and creativity, reflecting our values as a socially responsible organization.

As we look forward to the APU CLCS 2022 “If…” 4th Chinese Orchestra Music Concert, we invite you to join us in celebrating the rich tapestry of cultural heritage and artistic expression. Together, let’s make this event a resounding success and continue to support endeavors that enrich our society and inspire future generations.