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Pixalink Secures Top 3 Spot in APU Accelerator Program

Pixalink, a promising company from Malaysia, has achieved a remarkable feat by placing among the Top 3 in the esteemed APU Accelerator Program. This program is designed to propel budding ventures forward by providing them with invaluable resources, mentorship, and industry connections.

Pixalink’s accomplishment is a testament to their innovative concept and the dedication of their team. By earning a spot in the Top 3, Pixalink has positioned itself for significant growth and has gained the recognition of prominent figures in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

From Student to Startup Founder

In the heart of Asia Pacific University‘s bustling campus, where the future’s brightest minds converged, a story of humble beginnings and unwavering determination unfolded. Eddie Chong, a student whose academic journey was intertwined with a profound passion for technology and innovation, embarked on a venture that would leave an indelible mark on the food and beverage industry.

Armed with nothing but a laggy laptop and a heart overflowing with dreams, Eddie founded Codify Enterprise from the confines of his cramped dorm room. It was a far cry from the sleek offices of Silicon Valley, but it was here, amid sleepless nights sustained by instant noodles, that Eddie’s vision began to take shape. He wasn’t just building websites; he was weaving digital tapestries that mirrored the vibrancy and zest of the industry he aimed to revolutionize. These were not mere online presences but digital storefronts that pulsated with the energy of a bustling kitchen.

Eddie’s journey was fueled by an unwavering dedication to challenge the status quo and transform the F&B sector with innovative technology. With every project, his resolve only strengthened, as he uncovered a myriad of pain points plaguing the industry—problems that traditional web development solutions had overlooked. It was through his conversations with over 200 brand owners that a recurring theme emerged: the desperate need for a bespoke system that could address the unique challenges faced by the industry.

Recognizing the potential to make a significant impact, Eddie made a pivotal decision. The custom solutions he had been crafting for his clients were not just one-off projects; they were the foundation of a much-needed service in the market. It was a lightbulb moment that led to the birth of Pixalink—a startup dedicated to providing tailor-made digital solutions for the F&B sector.

The road to launching Pixalink was anything but easy. Eddie poured his heart and soul into understanding the intricate requirements of his clients, working tirelessly day and night. His relentless effort and dedication culminated in a defining moment during his final year of university when he participated in a startup weekend. This event was not just a competition; it was the launchpad for Pixalink, marking the beginning of a transformative journey.

Eddie Chong’s story is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the courage to pursue one’s dreams against all odds. It serves as a beacon of inspiration for students and aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere, reminding us that with hard work and determination, even the loftiest dreams can become reality. Eddie’s journey from a dorm room entrepreneur to the visionary founder of Pixalink is a vivid illustration that greatness often begins with a single step, taken boldly in the direction of our dreams.

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