Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Tour


It’s your virtual space created from your physical space that we’ll help you shoot and process. Then, you and your customers can go into the virtual space and tour around it. Therefore, the name Virtual Tour – letting anyone from anywhere in the world tour around your virtual premise, helping your business gain exposure and credibility.

That’s a good one! After shooting at the physical place, we’ll process it. Leave all the heavy work to us. Then, after we’ve finished, you can access your digital twin on your phone and pc or your iPad, just tap to tour around the space!

Having a virtual tour for your business is an investment to provide a better experience for your customers, and that can help you increase your brand’s credibility and attract more people to visit you offline. The price depends on how big your store is and the complexity of shooting, but don’t worry, Pixalink is definitely the most price-friendly one that you can find with quality work! For the pricing range, you can visit here to find  out or ask our team +60 16-6247922.

The digital twin and virtual tour are actually the same thing, it can be used interchangeably. But simply, digital is to digitise your physical space. And it’s called a twin because it’s the same as your physical space! Therefore, it’s called — Digital Twin. Your digital twin is your virtual space that is immortal. You can even watch it transform as your business grows, what more good way to preserve your premise!

Having a digital twin not only immortalises your physical space, but it also allows customers and prospects to visit your store online before turning into your real customer. It is one good way to showcase your interior and your business to let customers trust your brand more.

The only reason would be that this virtual tour will cost you a tiny fraction of your business expenses. This tiny fraction of your business expense can help you gain more exposure and credibility for your business, so it is an investment for your business instead.


You can contact us or head to __booking page__ , put down a deposit and schedule a time with us. We’ll get in touch and get your digital twin done for you!

When booking the time slot for on-site visit, RM500 will be collected, and it will be deducted out in the final payment. However, if you choose to not proceed, the deposit will be refunded back to you.

Yes, but do reschedule it at least 1 day before the initially scheduled date or else the deposit can be forfeited.

We’ll be using a professional camera to shoot so that it looks clear, you can just leave the heavy work to us. You’ll just have to prepare your space to be clean, then we’ll send our shooting experts to your place. After shooting, your digital twin will be made available in no time after processing is done. Then you can proceed to use it!

We’ll first look at the size of your premise and evaluate the complexity. Then, we’ll provide you with a quotation. After everything is done, we can then schedule a time to shoot.

This is an important one. We’ll send you our Preshoot Guide for you to follow to prepare your place to be clean and tidy because it is necessary to bring out the best of your business to put it in the virtual tour as your digital twin.


It will normally take a few hours, also depending on the size and complexity. We’ll make it as fast as possible so that it doesn’t affect you running your business while producing high quality work 🙂

For your virtual tour, we’ll get it ready within 1-3 days so that you can use it as soon as possible.

Use it anywhere and in any way to help with your business. You can put it on your website for prospects to visit your space. Put it on Google Street View too.

Yes, definitely! That is one good place to showcase your business and we’ll help you with that!

Sure! We can help you do that. This is one good way to help you gain traffic.

For the services that we provide, it’s not refundable as our team worked hard and the output is customised specially for your business. Thank you for understanding.

Chat with our team to know more about it.

It won’t be blurry because we are using high quality industrial grade equipment to provide you with the highest quality. If for some reason or anything caused it to be unclear, we’ll help you reshoot it, so don’t worry.

Yes, you can host it on your own, chat with our team to know more about it.