Create Reservation for Customer

This article is for Vendors only.

From time to time, you might receive a call from customer that do not want to reserve the table online and wish to do a manual reservation directly with you. In this case, you can manually create the reservation via your backend.

Create Reservation for Customer

  1. Login to Pixalink Explore

    Click me to Login Page

  2. Go to Reservation Index Page

    Click ‘Reservations‘ on your side navigation

    Or by clicking this link

  3. Click New Reservation

    Click ‘New reservation‘ button
    Or by clicking this link

  4. Choose Calendar and Time Slot

  5. Fill up customer detail

    After you fill up the form, click ‘Create

  6. Reservation Created

    Voila! the reservation have been created.
    Email notification will be send to the customer as well.

For vendors who requires approval for reservation
This action will directly reserve a table for the customer without future approval.