How to create Space In Pixalink Explore

What is a Space ? #

A space can be your restaurant, offices or any physical space that you want to show case to your customers. This digital representation on the platform allows for a visual and descriptive presentation of the physical space, offering insights into the ambiance, services, and overall experience one can expect. It’s a useful tool for businesses to visually engage with their audience and convey the unique aspects of their physical locations.

Steps #

Click “Spaces” on the side bar or click me #

Click “New Spaces” #

Fill up the basic information and choose your business types for the category and click “Next” #

Fill up your contact information. #

Some information has been pre-filled based on your organisation, you may change it if your organisation information is different from the space. Website is not a required field, you can leave empty if you do not have one. In addition to that, Pixalink also provide services like building a website for you, feel free to enquiry. Click next when its done.

Fill up the space’s address and click Next #

Upload some images to let your space look attractive! Click Create when you finish upload it. #

Below chart shows the respective Image

Above is an example of an Preview PhotoImage on the right is an example of Gallery Picture.

Done! Your spaces has successfully created. #

You can View your Space By Clicking the “View on front page” button on top !