How to Subscribe to Pixalink’s WhatsApp Blasting Service

There are two ways to do so: #

Subscribe by yourself through the system (Just through a credit card) #

How to do that step-by-step

1. On the left menu section, click and go into “Campaigns”

2. Click “Not Subscribed” to subscribe (As highlighted in the picture below)

3. Then, choose the plan you wish to subscribe and click the button to subscribe

4. Then, you will see this. Enter your card details and click the blue “Subscribe” button.

5. That’s it! We will activate it for you within 24 hours. Or else, you can contact our customer service, thanks!

We help you to subscribe (Just bank into Pixalink) #

Just contact our customer service and send the receipt to us once the transaction has been approved. Our team will then help you activate it.

You can bank into:
Pixalink Sdn Bhd
Public Bank