How to Prevent WhatsApp getting block during WhatsApp Blasting?

WhatsApp has a sophisticated account activity monitoring system and strictly monitors blasting.

Based on our experience, we have made a list of recommendations, following which you can secure your account as much as possible:

Use A New Phone Number For Marketing Purposes #

Marketing from a company can often be a easy target for certain customers (or even your competitors), we recommend that you use a new phone number for marketing purposes.

Warm Up Number #

It is imperative to warm up the number, more details about warming up the number can be found in the article “How to protect a number from being banned?“.

Before blasting, prepare the customer base:

  • Recruit clients – initiate correspondence with the client
  • Allow the client to unsubscribe, specify the keyword in the message (example of the keyword below)
  • Ask customers to add you to their contacts
  • Perform blasting only to numbers with which there was correspondence

Keywords In The Message #

To encourage customers to actively interact and initiate correspondence, it is recommended to use the following approach:

  • Context Hints: Include keywords in a context that fits naturally into the conversation. For example, if you provide electronics repair services, you could write: “If you have any questions about the repair of your equipment, feel free to write us!”
  • Offer to Help: Offer to help clients in a specific situation where the use of keywords would be natural. For example, “If you need advice on choosing a product, write us the word Consultation.”
  • Request Feedback: Ask customers to share their experiences with specific products or services. For example, “Rate our products and write a review with the Review tag.”
  • Promotions: Notify customers of ongoing promotions and special offers while asking them to show interest with keywords. For example, “Want to learn more about our new promotion? Send us Promotion.”
  • Interactive polls: Conduct interactive polls using keywords. For example, “Answer our question about your product preference by sending us a Survey.”

Make Sure Every Message Is Different #

To prevent WhatApp think that you are a robot, make sure you utilise our variable feature.

For example, you can address your customer by their name using our Variable feature {{CUSTOMER_NAME}}.

To maximise reduce of the chance getting banned, you can also append {{RAMDOM_TAG}}, which will generate a random number per message and appended to the message, which make it unique.

Below example shows a good use of the variable Feature

Do Not Send Unsolicited Message #

One of the reason that your customer report or mark your message as spam is because for them, its an unsolicited message which mean that they has not granted permission for the message to be sent.

We understand that it is not easy to ask your customer’s permission one by one, hence we recommend that for your first few message, please attach sentence like “If you do not wish to receive marketing message from us, please reply UNSUBSCRIBE and we will not send message marketing message to you in future”, then manually mark the customer’s status as “Do Not Contact”.

This will reduce the probability that the customer will report your WhatsApp Account or mark your account as spam.

Blasting Speed #

  • Do not send more than 1 message per minute.
  • Do not send more than 8 hours a day.
  • Do not send blasting more than 3 days in a row.

The recommendations are aimed at minimising the risks of account blocking.

Please bear in mind that even with enough measurement taken, WhatsApp still have the right to block your account if they suspect you are spamming or some of the receiver report your account. Hence please avoid unsolicited messages on whatsapp